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Postpartum Support International (PSI) is the world’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to helping those suffering from perinatal mood disorders, the most common complication of childbirth.

Our Mission is to increase awareness, education, prevention, and treatment of perinatal mental health issues affecting individuals, their families, and support systems in all areas of South Carolina.

Our Vision is that all pregnant and postpartum individuals and their families, including those from underserved communities, will have access to perinatal support, mental health/healthcare providers, education, and resources to improve overall well-being through advocacy, training, and increased awareness of perinatal mental health.

Amanda DavisAmanda Davis, President

Amanda Davis is a Licensed Independent Social Worker — Clinical Practitioner and is Perinatal Mental Health — Certified in the Midlands area of South Carolina. She has worked with new mothers and families in counseling and medical social work settings since 2015. Her passion for perinatal mental health grew from navigating her own journey with postpartum anxiety and depression after the birth of her second child. Amanda is currently developing a Maternal Wellness Program in private practice to support families in the Midlands. This includes resource referrals, mentorships, support groups, and individual therapy. Amanda became involved with PSI-SC as a co-leader of the Midlands’ first Climb Out of the Darkness in 2023. She is also an Outreach Volunteer for PSI-SC. Amanda is excited to continue to help raise awareness and support for perinatal mental health concerns in South Carolina.

Kimberly SalyerKimberly Salyer, Vice President

Kimberly Salyer, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, has dedicated herself to providing compassionate care to women in the Midlands of South Carolina. Originally from Oregon and spending 11 years in Wyoming, she brings a wealth of experience in working with diverse populations. With her background as a mother of 7 children, she intimately understands the journeys women face, such as dealing with postpartum anxiety, the loss of a child, and the power of adoption. For the past 8 years, Kim has been committed to women’s health, previously specializing in pediatric psychiatry. Recognizing the critical importance of bridging the gap between perinatal medical and mental health, Kimberly has taken on the mission to address this issue. Currently employed by Lexington Medical Center, she is spearheading the development of a prenatal mental health program that aims to support women through enhanced awareness, education, networking, medication management, and therapy. She has recently joined the PSI Board as Vice President and is dedicated to the vision of every woman receiving the comprehensive and compassionate care she deserves.

Sarah ToddSarah Todd, Treasurer

Sarah Todd is a clinical social worker based in Columbia, South Carolina. She has spent the last 6 years serving birthing people in her private practice, through collaborative educational events with other birth professionals, and in jointly running a support group for new parents and their partners. Sarah’s passion for providing support to birthing people and their partners began after becoming a stepmother to two wonderful boys and a biological mother to a third. She realized the difficulties that parenthood presented as well as the lack of resources for those struggling, and resolved to help fill that void. Sarah holds a Perinatal Mental Health Certification (PMH-C) through PSI and serves on the PSI-SC board.

Dr. Brooke Wymer Brooke Wymer, Secretary

Dr. Brooke Wymer is a licensed clinical social worker, as well as a counselor educator and supervisor. She has over 6 years of experience teaching counselors and social workers in higher education. Brooke also has over 13 years of clinical experience working with families in non-profit and private practice agencies. After her own lived experience with perinatal mental health challenges in 2021, she pursued training and certification in perinatal mental health to engage in practice and advocacy in this area. Brooke had the opportunity to co-lead the first Columbia, SC Climb Out of the Darkness Walk in 2023. She is excited to continue to pursue her passion for promoting perinatal mental health and serving the perinatal community by joining the efforts of the PSI- SC board.

Stacy Martin Stacy Martin, Chapter Liaison

Stacy Martin is a licensed professional counselor and licensed addiction counselor in the Upstate of South Carolina. Stacy’s passion for maternal mental health began when she began working with pregnant women in treatment for substance abuse. That passion continued to grow as she connected with more women looking for maternal mental health support. She currently owns a private practice focused on supporting women by creating safe spaces to be their authentic selves and walking with them through growth and discovery.

Di’Aundrea ThomasDi’Aundrea Thomas, Marketing Chair; Special Events/Fundraising Co-Chair

Di’Aundrea Thomas is an associate licensed clinical mental health counselor who specializes in working with BIPOC mothers and birthing people. Di’Aundrea found her passion for working in perinatal mental health after her own experience with birth trauma and challenges with adjusting to motherhood. She is a member of the Perinatal Mental Health Alliance for People of Color and is working towards obtaining the PMH-C certification. Di’Aundrea enjoys spending time with family, trying different foods and restaurants, and traveling in her free time.

Lakesha QuarlesLakesha Quarles, Special Events Fundraising Co-Chair

Lakesha Q. is a Full Spectrum Doula, Midwife Assistant, and a Placenta Instructor, she is the founder of an organization providing Birth and Postpartum support to birthing persons and their families. Lakesha is also a Clinical Instructor for medical assisting and phlebotomy. With the many titles she has, she is also a community advocate and influencer which deemed her to be awarded the 2023 Young Entrepreneur of the Year award through Community Works in Greenville, SC and The people’s Choice Award, presented by MommiNation in Atlanta, GA. She’s been featured in many magazine articles and the Doula Effect Upstate Documentary. Last but not least, she is a mentor to many and continues to make an impact on her community.

Geena LovalloGeena Lovallo, Outreach Lead Co-Chair

Geena is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Connecticut but currently resides in South Carolina. She has recently started her journey in the perinatal mental health world. She specializes in obsessive-compulsive disorders. Becoming skilled in this type of treatment and having a passion for helping women led her to perinatal mental health. She serves as the secretary for the Connecticut Association for Marriage and Family Therapists. She is honored to be a part of PSI-SC to help give back to her community and help women get the resources they deserve.

Jodi Glasser

Jodi Glasser, Outreach Lead Co-Chair

Jodi Glasser has been a licensed clinical social worker for 39 years. For the past 15 years of practice, she has been working with women who are experiencing perinatal and postpartum mood disorders as well as other reproductive issues. Fourteen of her 15 years were spent working on Long Island, NY, working with women, their partners and extended families providing counseling and running support groups. Jodi also coordinated a postpartum program at a children’s mental health clinic in Nassau County. During that time, she was a member of the Nassau County Perinatal Task Force. As a member of this task force she participated in organizing community outreach activities focused on educating the community about perinatal mood disorders and presented at local perinatal conferences. Jodi moved to South Carolina 3 ½ years ago.  Her passion for working with women with perinatal mood disorders was motivated by her experience that women heal from postpartum mood disorders, when provided with help from professionals who are knowledgeable and understand the issues being experienced by these mothers. She is currently working in a private practice whose focus is on reproductive issues.

Crystal DavisCrystal Davis, Alliance Rep

Crystal Davis (she/her/hers) has been working with children and families for 15 years. As a part of the first Doula Cohort located in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina, she is a Community-Based Postpartum Doula and Engagement Associate working to reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity. She is a Group Peer Support Trained Facilitator pursuing certification. Her desire to become a doula begins with her own birthing experience. Crystal is passionate about initiating efforts for birthing and healing justice that will result in positive solutions for women of color and their babies. She looks forward to partnering with community members and families to provide evidence-based services and support.

Tyleshia JenningsTyleshia Jennings, Advocacy Lead

Tyleshia Jennings is a licensed Clinical Social Worker in NC and SC. Her private practice focuses on providing services for Perinatal Mental Health for the parental unit, Trauma, and Anxiety. She’s been volunteering with PSI since early 2022 as a group facilitator and became passionate about this work after her own experiences with Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders while matriculating through her MSW program in 2017. She and her husband have 2 little humans and love bonding over new experiences and video games.

Shauna JohnsonShauna Johnson, Member At-Large

Dr. Shauna Johnson is a dual board-certified nurse practitioner in the fields of family medicine and psychiatry. Her life’s work has mainly focused on serving the underserved, inclusive of working in an inner-city pediatric hospital, as well as, one of the largest county jails in the country. While working in the county jail, Shauna began to treat the peripartum and postpartum populations. Despite already practicing in the psychiatric field, and having access to providers, she personally experienced postpartum depression and anxiety, and subsequently fell through the proverbial cracks. She came to the unfortunate realization of just how deficient our community has been in serving the postpartum population. Placing a spotlight on postpartum wellness has motivated her to run for political office in the 2024 election. Shauna is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to serve on the PSI South Carolina board, and looks forward to continuing to serve the women of South Carolina.

Elizabeth McKinneyElizabeth McKinney

Elizabeth McKinney is a clinical social worker in Upstate South Carolina.  She has spent 12 years working with families in the medical setting.  Elizabeth’s passion for maternal mental health began when she attended several trainings and a conference hosted by Postpartum Support International in 2016.  She was one of the founding Board members of South Carolina’s Chapter of Postpartum Support International.  Elizabeth enjoys working with perinatal families by providing resources, support, and education.   

Susannah Baldwin

Susannah Baldwin

Susannah Baldwin is a licensed professional counselor in the Upstate of South Carolina. She has been fervently serving new moms and moms-to-be for over 11 years in various capacities, including helping to found the PSI-SC Board. Susannah is a recognized expert in perinatal counseling and holds a Perinatal Mental Health Certification (PMH-C). The American Counseling Association has published her work on perinatal & postpartum anxiety. She also appeared on FOX Carolina discussing and raising awareness of different perinatal diagnoses.

Natasha Moses

Natasha Moses

Natasha Moses is a licensed clinician in private practice located in Upstate South Carolina. She has spent the last 11 years focusing her practice on maternal mental health and overall women’s mental health. Natasha is one of the original board members of PSI-SC and continues fueling her passion by participating with PSI and offering support to perinatal families.

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