At this time there is no Chapter in your state.

Are you interested in starting a Chapter in your State?

The process of becoming a chapter is easy and just takes a few dedicated people to get started. PSI provides the framework and step-by-step instructions for getting started, and we are here to talk with anyone who wants to know more about getting their PSI state chapter started.

What is the role of a State Chapter?

PSI State Chapters further the mission of PSI on a statewide level. Each state is unique with its own systems, barriers to care and opportunities. By providing the structure and support of the Chapters program, PSI empowers advocates to create change in their own state. Our framework also allows for multi-state collaboration, education, and support, paving the way for future national initiatives.

Chapter leaders are hard at work raising awareness, creating resources, and advocating for change. In short, chapters are helping to build systems that support families while also increasing access to treatment for perinatal mood disorders.

For more information or to get started, email